About our Doggie Daycare

Happy Tails Resort offers a unique daycare experience for your dog, no matter the breed or the size. We do not allow any aggressive dogs in our daycare facility. In fact, we have a strict policy of "one strike you are out!". We know dogs will be dogs, but any aggresive 18,000 square feet. We have an indoor pool, 2 large indoor play areas and two outdoor play areas with canine artificial turf. Happy Tails has been described by many as a "Montesorri School for Dogs", meaning they get to do what they love the most. If they love to swim, they are in pool. If they love to run, they play in our outdoor yard, if they are shy, we spend extra special time with them to make them feel loved and encourage them to engage with our staff and other dogs. 


The dogs at Happy Tails are separated by size and by temperament. The small/older dogs have a 4,000 square foot indoor playground along with two outdoor play areas. The large pups have 6,000 square foot indoor play area, as well as a large outdoor yard.


There staff are trained to watch the dogs and keep them safe. There are human staffers with the dogs and the dogs are never left alone.

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